Monday, March 28, 2011

More Positive Review For "The All In Good Time EP" Rated 4/5

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All In Good Time
- The EP starts out with an ill boom bap style beat and sets the mood, the flow comes in for the first verse in a smooth but hard hitting way, included with some good punch lines and metaphors similar to what one expects from an underground hip-hop album. The chorus has a swag quality to it, but contains a message hidden beneath the lines for the listener to possibly realize after a few listens. The song ends with a quick outro and then concludes with the chorus as the beat fades out. 4/5 for lack of a 5/5 being too generous, great track.

The Tape Worm Vortex- Another great eastcoast style beat to start the second song. The first verse comes in again with the smooth style flow accompanied with lyrics + a multisyllable flow to make the listener pay attention to what he is saying. The chorus revolves around believing in a false reality, and all the pitfalls that would follow. The chorus sedates the listener as the dark yet streetwise aura of the song expesses itself to the listener. Another 4/5 for a solid track.

Save Me- A dark yet beautifully sounding futuristic synth sets the mood for the 3rd song, exploding into a somber instrumental with an interesting drum pattern. Instant Legend proceeds to break into the song on his hypnotic smooth sounding verse, expressing his frustration with lifes problems. This song carries a relatable message to anyone who has felt alone, depressed, or anxious as to what the future may bring. The only downside to this track would be that he could have put a bit more emotion into the lyrics, but this is by no means a song to be slept on. 3.5/5

West Coast Depression- An eerie blues guitar sound begins as the 4th song of the E.P. starts, the beat drops in an extremely raw west coast 90s style beat. Instant Legend shines particularly hard on this one, as I feel that this type of beat compliments his style well. The verses come hard throughout, and also includes a unique chorus in which Instant Legend sounds like he is giving his response to a phone interview question, describing his style and where he is coming from musically. The beat continues to pound as the song comes to an end, and on a final note, this track has whip appeal engrained in it. 5/5

The Page- A sad violin sample starts off to set the mood for the 5th song. The beat drops and Instant Legend is quick to jump on the mic to begin the first verse on his usual grimey smooth flow. The flow hits hard on this one, as it it the aspect of the track that stands out the most, leaving the instrumental to serve as a background for the lyrical content of the song. The song reveals a story of a man lementing a past love, the chorus acting as an expression of this frustration. The aura of this song has a horror-esque ending in it's last few bars as the chorus plays for the last time. 3.5/5

Waiting- The last song on for the E.P. starts off with a vocal/acoustic guitar sample on a more light hearted (yet sad at the same time) east coast type instrumental. Instant Legend laces his thoughts once again in a flow mixed with thoughtful lyrics and a powerful message. The content of this song has to do with Instant Legend rhyming the listener through a more personal angle, emotion a mix of acknowledging his reality, and a yourn to break free of an every day life to achieve his dreams. The sample used for the chorus only adds to the message and overall concept of this song, and a good one to close the E.P. on. 4/5

Overall, This E.P. is deff worth listening to, and I encourage people who are into undergroujnd eastcoast/westcoast hip-hop to give this a spin. Instant Legend creates a well crafted and put together E.P. while at the same time making the listener want to hear more. If I was an extremely critical and famous critic on the genre of underground music, I would give this E.P. a 3 and a half stars out of 5, but I enjoyed this E.P. for it's production, and Instant Legends overall lyrical, gritty, and real style of hip-hop. "All In Good Time" recieves an average score of 4/5.


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