Thursday, July 29, 2010

The new album is now available on Emusic!

check it out here, order singles or the album in it's entirety!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

it's time for more mixtape action! The Huge Mixtape Vol 13. Hosted by Archie Eversole

I'm featured on another new mixtape, this one mixed by DJ Rickie Huge and hosted by Archie Eversole - DL it FREE here

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Order "Am I Alive" Through FYE - The more orders, the more units each FYE will carry!

Order your copy of "Am I Alive" through FYE NOW - the more online orders made, the more hard copies FYE will carry IN STORE!

Buy This CD Now

Digital Distribution for the new album is taking off, and we're eatin ubetoo charts!

Am I Alive's lead single "Girls And Their Anthems" has once again slid into the top 20. Also invading the charts are "Class Time" (resting at number 3 right now) and the former number one "She's Breakin Bones". So head to - check the tracks out and keep us climbing the mountain.

While you're at it swing by to check out what's currently going on, and download a few free tracks.

For those asking "where can I buy the digital copies?", or "where can I get the ringtones?". Well, here's your answer - you can grab digital copies, grab ringtones, or hear my music in rotation, just check out these reputal retailers/suppliers:

Hard copies will hit the store next Wednesday, at which point I'll provide you a list of stores you'll be able to track it down at!

Friday, July 23, 2010

New website, new FREE album, Just lots of new shit!

Check out Class Time Ft. Chelsea Davis here:

Check the new (temporary) website: - you'll find a few extra tracks from the mixtape you can play or download there as well as the "Am I Alive" lead single "Girls And Their Anthems" ft. T.o.n.e-Z

The album follows a theme: My high school years. Mixtape will be available for digital download on August 15th, Hard Copies will be ordered the same day. I'm keeping the guest appearances a secret until the disc drops. The whole point of this free album is to continue to generate interest in "Am I Alive" (grab it on Itunes if ya haven't already - )

My Dude Shayne Kraft on the graphs:

Album tracklist

1. Introduction
2. Class Time
3. Lunch Money
4. Stripperthon
5. Infatuation Interlude
6. Waist Of Bait
7. She's Breakin Bones
8. Deceptive Machine Interlude
9. Junior Years Biggest Frustration
10. Love Is A Noose Interlude
11. Fables, Fingers and Toes
12. Another Face In The Hall
13. A Good Influence
14. The Car Show
15. Stuck Beneath The Sycamore
16. Angst
17. Summer School Crush
18. Freshman Year
19. Dumber Than Bricks
20. School Haze
21. Tomorrow Outro

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A new job on deck soon?

so it looks like I may be in line for another new job. It's an exciting experience, I'm slowly getting closer to my financial goals...emphasis on slowly. But things look good, and the company I'm in talks with is a major company that will fit right in with some of the work I've been doing over the last 3 years.

I'll release more info once things are official, but, wish me luck.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

"She's Breakin Bones" hits #1 on the charts in just 24 hours

Thank you to all the listeners and supporters!

To hear the song check my post below!

respect to Lock Us Up Productions - be on the lookout for the FREE promotional mixtape "Marysville High School: Class Of Nineteen Ninety Never".

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outbreak Monkey "Collabine" Album Review

Outbreak Monkey “Collabine” (Album Review)

Independently promoted Outbreak Monkey is learning to eliminate the hiatus time so many artists take directly following the promotional stint of an album. After last years “The Residence Of Evil” extended E.P., Outbreak wasted no time in getting back into the lab and on the microphone. His latest project “Collabine” is more compilation than solo effort, but it’s arguably much more memorable, and far superior to it’s predecessor.

“Melody Abuse” is an entertaining tune with an aggressive beat and a chorus that corners the attention immediately. Saint Sinna provides quite the impression and marks one of the albums most impressive appearances. “Another Nightfall” is another diamond, a wonderfully bleak vibe screams replay. Never mind some of Outbreaks best vocal moments, and an insane chorus performed by the ridiculously underrated GrewSum.

“Paranoia” (which features Mars), “Respect 2.0” (featuring Magnetik) and “Own Worst Enemy” (a duo with Tali Demon) are all quality tracks that merit genuine attention. Outbreak Monkey’s unorthodox delivery keeps things quite interesting, and these tracks act as the best example of that unique sound executed at it‘s finest. Impressive and inspired choruses help ensure repeated visits to the ’Outbreak Monkey’ folder.

“Body Snatched” is the album’s sleeper. I’ll openly confess, this tune did nothing for me upon first listen; repetition however altered my initial perception. It’s a quality jam, with quality guest appearances from Scum and Trips. If it doesn’t snatch your attention the first time, don’t write it off, soak it up, you may find yourself humming along before you know it.

I’m not traditionally all too keen on “collaboration” albums, they tend to feel like a showcase for an artist who’s actually unfit to hold his own for the duration of an entire album. Outbreak Monkey however incorporates enough solo work to ensure listeners he’s definitely a capable emcee. If you dug “The Residence Of Evil”, don’t let all the guest appearances fool you, Outbreak is the highlighted artist on deck, and “Collabine” shows a measured level of growth for this young emcee that‘s more than respectable.

3/5 Axes

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Grindhouse Series Vol. 5

Throwback track "Johnny Appleseed" featured on this months FREE Grindhouse Series compilation (Vol. 5) - Download it here: