Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Check out some listener reviews for the latest album!

"All In Good Time - beat is top notch, mellow, something to ride to. I like. Delivery, well done, your multis arent over bearing just for the sake of using multis. They make sense. Chorus, meh. This left me kinda sour. I think its too thick and watery. I think a single thin layer with maybe a dub or two would of sufficed. 7/10

The Tape Worm Votex - Beat is on the mellow tip, these are my kinds jams. Love it. Delivery is just as good as the previous. Chorus, though not terribly complicated, suits the feel of the track. 8/10

Save Me - Good story track, nice change of production. I think this could of benefited for a better chorus or song structure perhaps. 8/10

West Coast Depression - kinda short, beat was ok. Not one that grabbed me that much. I dont think there was a chorus? 6/10

The Page - Another great story track, beats kinda generic, bells and gothic dingy things. The chorus again didnt grab me. Delivery is great. 7.5/10

Waiting - The fake sounding guitar in this beat was too distracting for me to take this beat seriously along with the high pitch sample. Delivery is still great and another great story track. 7/10

I think overall, its great for a freebie and something to get people, who are unfamiliar with you, an earful. I also think maybe a touch of turntablism or some more intuitive choruses would of set this on a higher level. Still nothing too bad about it. Your delivery is real smooth and not overly complex. I hate people who do that for the sake of it. Good stuff. Over all 8/10." - Komatose_1313

"all in good time-great flow hook was pretty cool..beat was nice I liked the ad libs in the back of my head(was listening on head phones) mixing job was aces.

the tape worm vortex- beat was pretty tight I liked the piano.flow good ,great wording. well mixed .very real sounding on the subject matter.most definitely came across very well

save me- love the storm effect(I have a thing about thunderstorms) really good beat.
good flow,great wording again. good subject matter- actually saying something.
mix job great again.

west coast depression-nice beat not too much going on(a less is more deal) nice flow,nice vocal effects. all in all good song

the page-yeah! I like how this song starts and then kind of "jumps in" nice flow. beat is very well thought out. really good mix job!

waiting-wow...something about this song at the beginning... very nice flow ..beat was really good and thought out. subject matter was very good and sounds very much like a personal message. I love this song!!

all in all

great subject matter
very good production/mixing
excellent flows on every song
sounds very well though out and not a single "filler" song on there
my only complaint is that there aren't any more songs." - Mr.Anthraxx

"01. All In Good Time - A smooth and laid back hip hop beat kicks off this release. IL always seems to make
these kind of beats shine. The ryhmes and word play of the verses were dope. The hook sounded forced and as Randy Jackson says "it was pitchy for me".

02 . The Tape Worm Vortex - This beat gives you a nostalgic kind of feel. Takes you back to childhood. The flow on this one is much faster than the previous song and the hook seems much more complex and thought out.

03. Save Me - Really cool build up on this beat. I like where it is going. Beat is very ethereal I like that. IL floats effortlessly over this beat as if time has no meaning and your in an eternal nexus of hip hop while you play this song.

04. West Coast Depression - I am honestly not liking this beat too much. Too non melodic for me and sounds just like guitar chords strumming randomly but I can see why many would like it for its simple looping qualities. For what I didn't like in the beat the vocals seemed to make up for it.

05. The Page - This beat is headed toward the epic direction but is kinda repetitive in my opinion. The vocals on this one seem much more alive and dynamic to me.

06. Waiting - The high pitched singing vocals at the first of this track are a hip hop staple. This is my second favorite beat on the EP. The vocals are solid.

I found myself immediately wanting to hear "Save Me" again. Its my favorite track on this EP. To me it provides the correct instrumental weaponry to Instant Legend's already extensive lyrical prowess and word play. My favorites [in order] are "Save Me","Waiting", "The Tape Worm Vortex". The other songs just didn't seem to have the same "impact" on me. And I feel the beats are a very big part in painting the picture of an overall great and memorable song and some of the tracks just didnt seem like the right beat choices to me. The ALL IN GOOD TIME EP gets a.............3.......................out of 5." - Ressurrector

"the vocals were the hotcakes with the syrup. nice title to the mixtape, loved the way you covered the beat to all in good time. good flow and delivery. 8/10 hot shit" - Kris Bars

Also, just ran me as a front page featured artist - you can check it out in the marquee on the front page!

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