Wednesday, June 24, 2009

UFC 100 Picks

It’s been awhile since I’ve previewed an MMA event… strange, but I kind of miss writing these things. On deck for me today is the upcoming UFC 100 which will take place on July 11th at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The card is stellar from top to bottom, and features a rematch between heavy weight champion Brock Lesnar and interim heavy weight champion Frank Mir. Also on the card is a championship bout between reigning welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and number two ranked challenger Thiago Alves. A handful of other exciting bouts fill the timeslot for UFC’s monumental 100th event.


Matt Grice/Shannon Gugerty: Here’s an interesting clash - both guys desperately need a win. Grice entered the UFC with a small, but solid hype train behind him, and he’s failed to live up to what most believe his true potential is at this point. Gugerty didn’t have quite the buzz surrounding him upon his entrance into the UFC, but he did pick up a win in his debut at the UFC’s Fight Night 14 nearly one year ago. Gugerty may be able to avoid another loss, but one more L in Grice’s column could see him packing his bags. Matt will need to be leary of Gugerty’s submission game, if he can, he should notch a unanimous decision win here.

CB Dollaway/Tom Lawler: Lawler is quite the character, but all his personality won’t win him this fight. Everything Lawler does well, Dollaway does a bit better. Smirkin CD by submission late in round one.

Jon Jones/Jake O’Brien: At this point Jones is just far too versatile for O’Brien to deal with. Jake likes to take his opponents down and smother them, and that’s just not going to happen against the young prospect Jones. Look for Jones to chip away at O’Brien early with all kinds of nifty techniques before stopping the wrestler with strikes in round two.

Dong Hyun Kim/T.J Grant: This is an extremely interesting fight, as the winner will make a case that they’re prepared for a step up in competition. Many were surprised when Grant outworked Ryo Chonan for a split decision win at UFC 97. Many were surprised by the outcome of the Kim/Parisyan fight. If you’re still a little leery on these two, I’m with you. Between the two I think T.J Grant shows a little bit more promise. I think Kim has been a little over-hyped, and in my opinion has lost twice inside the octagon. I’m picking Grant to outwork Kim to earn a unanimous decision. Kim look strong and dangerous early, but I expect him to slow down and enable Grant to move ahead on the scorecards.

Mac Danzig/Jim Miller: Mac needs a win in a major way. Another loss could easily find the TUF winner looking for employment. Miller on the other hand has been extremely impressive, even in his lone UFC defeat to Gray Maynard at UFC 96. Past performances aside Miller looks to be the stronger, meaner fighter. I think his skill set is a little stronger than Mac’s, and I think his heart is a little bit bigger. I expect Mac o hang in there, but I also expect him to get pummeled pretty handily beyond the first round. Miller, unanimous decision.

Mark Coleman/Stephan Bonnar: Despite the fact that Bonnar hasn’t looked particularly sharp as of late, he should topple the aging Coleman in convincing fashion. I expect Mark to manage some strong top control and GnP early, but he’ll fade quickly, which is when Bonnar will get back on track with a rear naked choke victory.


Yoshihiro Akiyama/Alan Belcher: Belcher has become almost reliable with the upsets (so why are they all still considered upsets??) but in Akiyama he meets a superior fighter who’s shown he can fight effectively anywhere the bout goes. I expect Akiyama’s cardio to look strong as well. The early goings will see an entertaining back and forth bout until Belcher begins to gas, at that point we’ll see Akiyama take over with a TKO win in round three.

Jon Fitch/Paulo Thiago: Thiago may have made a huge splash with his surprising upset of perennial contender Josh Koscheck back at UFC 95, but he’ll run into a wall when he meets Fitch in the cage. Fitch will stifle a dangerous submission game en route to a lopsided unanimous decision victory. There’s always a chance Thiago can catch Fitch, but I don’t see it as an incredibly likely scenario. The good thing is, if Paulo can manage the upset - we’ve got bona fide new star on our hands. If Fitch wins, he remains a top 5 contender, and climbs one step closer to a rematch with GSP.

Dan Henderson/Michael Bisping: It’s time for Bisping to put up or shut up. If he wins this fight, he proves he can compete with elite competition. If Henderson wins, he’s just being Hendo. It’s obvious who is more experienced here, and it’s obvious that neither of these two guys is going to roll over for the other. Bisping could rise to the occasion, but I don’t think he will. Dan’s got the wrestling to control where the fight takes place, and he’s got enough power in his right hand to keep Bisping on his toes. These two will mix it up on the feet for a few minutes before Dan shoots the takedown. He’ll work a methodical GnP game from there, notching a unanimous decision win with scores of 29-28 across the board.

Georges St. Pierre/Thiago Alves: This is clearly one of GSP’s more dangerous opponents. In my opinion Alves poses a far more serious threat than guys like BJ Penn. Alves’ takedown defense has looked exceptional lately, and his explosive striking has been the deciding factor in more than one fight. Meanwhile GSP has the best wrestling the sport has seen, and sound striking skills to match. Both are well conditioned athletes, but I give an edge to GSP in the cardio department. Alves gets the nod in striking, but GSP is the better wrestler without a doubt. Alves will be dangerous every second of this fight. As long as GSP doesn’t get reckless, he should notch another successful defense. I’m picking GSP by TKO in round four.

Brock Lesnar/Frank Mir: While hating Lesnar seems to be the cool thing to do, you’ve got to admit - the man’s been pretty damn impressive up to this point. The first bout between Lesnar and Mir was a brief, but ugly affair. Brock has continued to improve, and Mir looks like he’s got his career back on track. I think this rematch is going to look quite a bit different than their first encounter. I see a lot more striking on display, and I don’t see a submission ending things this time around. These two go back and forth with Brock getting the better of the exchanges before he’s finally able to put himself in position to work a brutal GnP game. Mir’s heart eventually breaks again as Lesnar retains his title with a third round TKO.

There’s a few fights on this card that have upset written all over them, GSP/Alves in particular. Whether or not the underdogs will prevail remains to be seen - but I believe the favored will (in most cases here) emerge victorious. Of course, I not running out to drop money on any of these fights.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Feast On These Fucking Scraps ~2009~ Free Album Download

So, it's 2009 and I'm still making music. I don't really chase the dream much anymore as I just don't seem to have enough of that special "it" factor to draw any serious attention. But I still make this stuff, because it's a part of who I am - I'll probably never be able to stop making music - this is after all my never ending audio diary.

This time around friend and fellow MC Point Game has once again joined me (the two of us recorded an album in early 2008 titled Conceited Humility). While we weren't able to invest the same kind of time (for an assortment of different reasons) we put into Conceited Humility - we made the best of what we could manage. And in all honesty, I think there are some great songs featured on this brief collection.

A lot of FEAST's production is ugly, a lot of the mixing is mediocre - but the truth remains in each song. We're still here to be honest, and we're still shedding light on the darker side of life.

Download here:

MC(s): Point Game, Instant Legend
Production: StillKnoxx, Instant Legend, Noib Da Mutt, Midiflash, Black Fist Productions, Kirby Pucket Productions, and Bad Abbot.
Tracklisting: 1) Quitters Inc 2) Life's Fight 3) Fire And Rain 4) Dear Kerrie 5) Dunno What's Wrong 6) Meaningless Tales 7) 1975 Remix