Friday, July 23, 2010

New website, new FREE album, Just lots of new shit!

Check out Class Time Ft. Chelsea Davis here:

Check the new (temporary) website: - you'll find a few extra tracks from the mixtape you can play or download there as well as the "Am I Alive" lead single "Girls And Their Anthems" ft. T.o.n.e-Z

The album follows a theme: My high school years. Mixtape will be available for digital download on August 15th, Hard Copies will be ordered the same day. I'm keeping the guest appearances a secret until the disc drops. The whole point of this free album is to continue to generate interest in "Am I Alive" (grab it on Itunes if ya haven't already - )

My Dude Shayne Kraft on the graphs:

Album tracklist

1. Introduction
2. Class Time
3. Lunch Money
4. Stripperthon
5. Infatuation Interlude
6. Waist Of Bait
7. She's Breakin Bones
8. Deceptive Machine Interlude
9. Junior Years Biggest Frustration
10. Love Is A Noose Interlude
11. Fables, Fingers and Toes
12. Another Face In The Hall
13. A Good Influence
14. The Car Show
15. Stuck Beneath The Sycamore
16. Angst
17. Summer School Crush
18. Freshman Year
19. Dumber Than Bricks
20. School Haze
21. Tomorrow Outro

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